Jared Selva

Jared Selva
Musician/Performer/Teacher/Repair Technician Strings, Voice, Brass, and Woodwinds

Born in Helena Montana in the year 1999, Jared began studying music at the age of 11 when he joined orchestra in middle school playing the viola. His second year of music, he taught himself to play cello as well and by the time he finished his high school career, Jared had also become proficient on the violin as well as with his voice.
Having graduated high school, Jared sought to further his musical education and decided to attend the University of Montana, where he would pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. In the short span of his Freshman year, Jared learned to play the double bass, trumpet, frech horn, flute, clarinet, and piano. He also studied music composition and performed in the University’s production of the opera Giulio Cesare, playing the role of Achilla.
Having finished his first year of college, Jared decided to pursue a different future. Due to his great love for the stringed instruments, He hopes to one day move to Cremona Italy, where he will study with some of today’s violin making masters in the hope of becoming a luthier himself one day.
Until the time comes that Jared may pursue that dream, He is studying with Tom Mazanec and John Piccolo at Piccolo’s Music, with whom he is training as an instrument repair technician for woodwinds, brass, and strings.
Now living full-time in Helena, Jared has been very active in the local music community. Apart from Akustika, he has played viola with the Butte Symphony and at Grandstreet Theatre in a production of the Bridges of Madison County, trumpet with the New Horizons Concert band, and oboe with the Montana State Capitol Band.
Jared has also participated in the Last Chance Music Camp for many years, first as a student but now as a teacher, providing education on individual instruments, music theory, composition, and beginning music.